Evaluation of the Effect of Different Levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Cultivar on Morphological Traits on Corn Biomass in Isfahan


Mohammad Bakhshian1*, Hossein Heidari Sharifabad2

1- Agriculture University of Jiroft, Kerman, Iran

2- Department of Agriculture (Crop Physiologist), Science and Research University, Branch of Tehran,Iran

*Corresponding author Email: m.bakhshian@yahoo.com

Received: 2 June 2015                                                                         Accepted: 21 June 2015


To evaluate the effect of different nitrogen fertilizer on morphological properties of biomass of different corn cultivars, a field experiment was performed in a farm located in Kabutarabad area of Esfahan in 2014. Experiment was conducted in split plot design in complete randomized blocks layout with three replications. Different levels of nitrogen fertilizer in four levels of 100, 150, 200 and 250 Kg ha-1 of pure nitrogen from urea source and different varieties SC500, SC604, SC 700 and SC704 were considered as main and sub plots. The highest dry weights of leaf, stem and plant were obtained in 250 Kg N ha-1 treatment. SC704 due to longer growing period had the highest leaf, shoot, and plant dry weights relative to the other single crosses. With regard to sustainable agriculture and optimizing the use of fertilizer it seems under the same conditions of this study SC704 and 250 Kg ha-1 of nitrogen would give the best performance.