Assessment the Effect of Organic and Chemical Fortified Fertilizers on Uptake of Some Macro Nutrient by Sugarcane in Khouzestan Province


1,2- Department of Soil Science, College of Agriculture, Ahvaz Branch, Islamic Azad University, Ahvaz, Iran
3- Manager Agronomi Department Sugarcane Research and Training Institute Khuzestan, Iran

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Received: 22 July 2015                                                                           Accepted:2 November 2015

 Plant nutrition as an affecting factor is a function of the interaction between nutrients and environmental conditions. Therefore, accurate determination of nutrient elements required for plant growth involves a scientific method based on measurements. In order to study the effects of main nutrient elements namely potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur and the nutritional uptake of sugarcane, an experiment was carried out in a complete randomized block design with 15 treatments each with three replications in Imam Khomeini Agro-industry Research Farm, Khuzestan during 2013-2014. The treatments were  the applications of  basic fertilizers including diammonium phosphate (DAP), nitrogen phosphate sulfate (NPS) and sulfuric nitrogen-potassium phosphate (NPSK), each in two levels of 500 and 700 kg per hectare as well as two varying amounts of topdress types of liquid organic fertilizers commercially named Sanko and APEX. A topdress urea fertilizer (350 kg) was used in all the treatments with three installments (within a 1.5-month interval). Analysis of variance showed significant differences for studied traits among all treatments. Accordingly, the treatments were significantly (p<0.05) different in the contents of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus but not in the sulfur content of the leaves. The potassium content of leaf was highest in the treatment of 500 kg/ha baseline DAP (with mean = 0.366%). The largest nitrogen content of leaves was obtained in the treatment of 700 kg/ha baseline NPS (with mean = 2.108%), and the greatest phosphorus content was observed in the treatment of 250 kg/ha baseline DAP plus 21 kg/ha of APEX organic fertilizer (with mean = 0.750%).