Determination of the Benefits of Different Berseem Clover Cultivars and Nitrogen Fertilizer in Forage Corn Intercropping System


Ali Soleymani Agricultural Faculty, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Isfahan, Iran



Ali Soleymani*1
1-Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Isfahan (Khorasgan) Branch, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan, Iran
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Received: 21 May 2015                                                                          Accepted: 21 June 2015
In order to determine forage yield, land equivalent ratio (LER), relative yield of crop (R), relative yield total (RYT) and corn organic matter, a study was done at Research Farm, Islamic Azad University, Isfahan Branch. A factorial experiment in randomized complete block design with 3 replications was used. Berseem clover cultivars intercropped with corn SC704 were Karaj, Sacromont and Multicut, and nitrogen levels included were 0, 40 and 60 kg/ha. The nitrogen fertilizer was provided from urea source (46% pure N). The effect of cultivar was significant on total corn fresh and dry yield, R of clover, RYT and LER. Total clover fresh yield, total corn fresh yield, R of clover, RYT and LER were significantly influenced by nitrogen fertilizer. Cultivar and nitrogen interaction had significant effect on total corn fresh and dry yield, R of clover, RYT and LER. The highest total fresh and dry yields of corn were obtained in forage corn intercropped with Sacromont and Multicut, respectively. These two parameter significantly increased from application of 0 kg N/ha to 60 kg N/ha. In all intercropping treatments, land equivalent ratios (LER) were well above one indicating yield advantages for intercropping. The highest LER and RYT observed in intercropping of forage corn with Sacromont. There were no significant differences in corn organic matter between intercropped cultivars and nitrogen treatments. On the basis of the results total and dry yields were significantly increased from application of 0 to 60 kg N/ha. Forage corn intercropped with Multicut also had the highest total dry yield, but the maximum total fresh yield was achieve in forage corn and Sacromont intercropping system. In central of Iran and on the basis of low input farming system, cultivation of berseem clover cultivar intercropped with forage corn can be introduced for development of sustainable food production systems.
Key words: Berseem clover, Forage corn, Intercropping, Nitrogen, Cultivar